Mase Medical Clinic + Foundation

Dr. Masereka Adidas and Christopher Stampar

Dr. Masereka Adidas and Christopher Stampar


It all started when…

in May 2018 I visited Dr. Masereka Adidas at his clinic in Kamuli, Uganda, providing clean water and joining his medical foundation as a board member. We have been working together on other projects since 2012!



  • Provided UV water sterilizers and a large ceramic drip water filter, the first water filtration available for the medical clinic and several hundred patients are utilizing per month

  • Provided enough solar panels to supply the clinic with regular and uninterrupted electricity

  • Purchased an Ambulance, their first, to also be used as a mobile medical clinic, greatly improving access to medical care for people living in remote areas of Kamuli District

  • Hosted a free Hepatitis B testing clinic in May 2018 and assessed 200+ hundred community members


What’s Needed

  • Oxygen concentrator

  • Ultrasound machine

  • Hematology+Chemistry Analyzer

  • Additional solar panels and batteries

  • Medicine

Most Frequent Cases over 4 Month Period

*1197 patients total, some patients had multiple diagnosis, few minor cases excluded

Kamuli, Uganda