Nepal Health Corps


Nepal Health Corps is for empowering young medical professionals and student doctors to achieve Universal Health Coverage 2030 Mission at community, district, and national scales of Nepal. 

With the motto ‘Together for Healthier Nepal’, We are building a national network of universities, research centers, and other partner organizations/institutions to translate the latest expertise in Universal Health Coverage into action. 

Launched in 2019, Nepal Health Corps supports the localization of Universal Health Coverage and its implementation, develop long-term transformation pathways for Universal Health Coverage in Nepal, promote education around Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being and other interrelated SDG’s, and launch solutions-based initiatives.


Ambassador Program

After its lunch in 2019, NHC has established an Ambassador Program selecting proven youth leader from every medical institute of Nepal as an Ambassador.

The NHC Ambassadors program will train, support, connect and celebrate the young generation of thought leaders, activists and innovators to transform our marginalized communities, and to help advance progress on the Universal Health Coverage in both cities and rural areas they represent. 

This program is a year program with the mission to empower and equip medical students and young leaders from cities across Nepal with the knowledge, resources and a platform taking the Ambassadors on a journey of charting pathways for ‘localizing’ the sustainable development agenda on Universal Health Coverage through the process of learning, exploration and collaboration. The Ambassadors will channel the ideas and knowledge they acquire into a project idea they will develop over the course of the next 12 months; the main outcome and deliverable of the program.

In order to foster ownership and contextualize the learning and exploration process, each Ambassador will be asked to pick a Health development challenge pertinent to their selected community and area of interest, which will become their area of focus. The project idea will constitute an initiative aimed at addressing Ambassadors’ chosen Health developmental challenge.


  • National Symposium on Good Health And Well Being

    • With the theme "Localizing Pathways for Universal Health Coverage: Role of Young Leaders", Nepal Health Corps organized National Symposium on Good Health and Well Being which will train 50 Young Medical and paramedical leaders representing 23 medical colleges of Nepal. 

      The workshop had a session where each divided group had to create an innovative solution to achieve certain target under SDG 3. The solutions created enhanced their sophistication, understanding and innovative skills. 

      How Young Leaders with Doctor, Nurse and Public Health Degree can contribute through their Local Actions for Global Goals? This Symposium answered possible solutions to every target of Good Health and Well-Being (SDG-3) adopted by Nepal.

  • Project Butterfly, Mahottari

    • On the very occasion of menstruation hygiene day (28th May 2019) we, Nepal Health Corps celebrated the occasion in Gaushala municipality, Mahottari, Nepal.

      The project advocated around 800 school going adolescents about Menstruation, Menstrual health hygiene management and its importance towards healthier lifestyle. We also trained the adolescent girls on making reusable homemade sanitary pad providing all the required materials.

  • Emergency Typhoon Response Project, Bara

    • Evaluating aftermath destruction of Typhoon at Bara by our Emergency Response Team, we provided Set of Kitchen Utensils to 200 most affected families.

  • School Health Project, Bara

    • This was an approach to advocate about Menstrual Hygiene Management to the school setting as schools offer a crucial chance to make transformations that will benefit adolescent girls long into their futures. So, we reached out to four schools of Chitwan and conducted interactive sessions about menstruation and menstrual health hygiene management.

      This project involved more than 300 students from four schools to educate them about menstruation and menstruation health hygiene management.

  • Health Camp, Palpa

    • The Health Camp was successfully conducted at Shree Sharada Higher Secondary School.

      The project was able to benefit over 250 plus health care seekers that includes students and their parents ranging from 3-year-old child to 92-year-old adult. 

      Additionally, with a team of medical student awareness program was also conducted educating the students from Nursery to 6th standard about Personal and Environmental Hygiene and Environmental Hygiene, Hand Washing and Nutrition. Also, students of 6th to 12th standard were educated about Sexual Health AND Menstrual Hygiene.

  • School Health Project, Kathmandu

    • Total team of 18 comprising doctors and medical students conducted Health assessment of school’s students ranging from general health, systemic examination (Cardiovascular System, Eye, Ear, Respiratory system) and also oral health check-up by dental doctors. 

      Also one to one counseling was done on their behavioral aspect of health, awareness about menstrual hygiene and interaction on their perspective on doctors and medicine as a whole was done during the process as well.

  • Project Butterfly, Palpa

    • Project Butterfly - Palpa is a School Health Project that provided around 200 school going girls education about menstruation, menstruation health and hygiene management along with training on reusable homemade sanitary pad providing all the required materials.

  • Health Camp, Sindhupalchowk

    • Nepal Health Corps successfully conducted 2 Day Health Outreach in Pachpokhari Thaplang Rural Municipality of Sidhupalchowk (Earthquake affected area).

      As per report, 32 Gynecology, 39 Internal Medicine, 81 Dental, 60 ENT and 122 General Checkup services were provided to HealthCare seekers.